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Commercial Storage

When your business is filled with valuables new and old, your office can only hold so many things. If there are too many objects in one building it can cause clutter and make it a needle in a haystack situation to find something you’re looking for. For these reasons it is best to partake in Ammex Mini Storage’s self storage units to help you organize and still be able to obtain all of your valuables without the clutter. We provide the best long term storage and short term storage for all of your commercial moving and storage needs. Our storage facility assists business with a roomy, secure unit to put their belongings in for later use. Whether you need climate control storage units or have been looking for a mini storage facility, we are proudly able to accommodate our units for your every need. Don’t suffocate your business with old furniture and other possessions that are too valuable to give or throw away by moving them to our facilities. Moreover, as the owner of your storage company you will be able to access your unit every day of the week. This is beneficial for both you and your office for a more efficient way of organizing your things. If you are looking for reliable commercial storage units, Ammex Mini Storage is at your service. We proudly serve the residents in Houston, TX!

Boat and Vehicle Storage

Automobiles and boats can be a problem when it comes to moving. Though many people will simply drive to their new homes, there may be other cars that cannot easily be transported or need more protection. Fortunately, you can use an vehicle storage facility service like Ammex Mini Storage to take care of this issue for you. For example, you may need an RV storage facility or other commercial and recreational storage to keep your expensive vehicles safe during the move. Regardless of the number of vehicles you have, a secured and reliable motor vehicle storage facility will be able to keep them safe. Storage facilities are often offered by long-distance movers, who understand that many of their clients cannot easily transport or secure their vehicles while in transport. We also offer boat storage and short and long term storage services. Fortunately, Ammex Mini Storage is a reliable storage facility that will take the extra step to protect your belongings. Those who are looking for clean vehicle storage units should contact Ammex Mini Storage, located in Houston, TX.

Residential Storage

When your home is filled with valuables new and old, your home can only hold so many things. If there are too many objects in one room it can cause clutter and make it a needle in a haystack situation to find something. We offer the best short and long term storage services. When it comes to long term storage, you may want to consider getting climate control storage units. You may want to consider client control for leather or cloth furniture. If you are storing wood furniture or other wooden objects, the temperature control in our self storage units will prevent them from damage that can occur during extreme weather conditions. In addition, if you are storing leather-made objects or clothing, climate control can prevent yellowing and other degradation caused by heat and cold weather. We offer the best storage services in the area!

Senior Storage

If you're a family caregiver for an elderly parent or relative, you might frequently wonder about what to do with all the stuff your loved one owns. When the senior in your life is not yet ready to part with their possessions, you might want to consider getting a storage unit. Depending on where you live, there might be many storage companies available that can help your senior declutter. These places are used to competing with each other, so you may get the best deal by looking at special offers or talking to a few of the companies you like the best. When evaluating one or a few storage units look at:
•Commitment needed
•Climate control
Some of these things may be more or less important depending on what is going into the storage locker. For example, you could get a lower priced unit if none of the items are valuable and less security is needed. Smaller sizes obviously cost less along with units that don't need to be climate controlled. A 5ft x 10ft unit might cost around $35-$50 monthly when not climate controlled, $60-$80 when climate controlled and at least $120 with other options like additional security. A 10ft x 30ft space could cost $175 or more when not climate controlled and $350 or more when climate controlled. Depending on factors like budget and the amount of stuff you need to store for a loved one, it might make the most sense to share a storage unit. An elderly person and their children may each pay a portion of the cost in exchange for putting miscellaneous items in the unit.
Thanks to: Caring Senior Service